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Romania’s Got Talent Casting

February 26, 2016

New conceptual project from Ukraine – shadow theater Verba debut in the sixth season of the talent show “Romania’s got talent” (“Românii au talent”) in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Casting with the theater took place on 4th of March on the TV channel ProTV. After viewing this number, the jury unanimously expressed the idea that the traditions of Ukraine and Romania are very similar, which indicates the cultural proximity of our countries. In the future, it was this performance that marked the beginning of a very close cooperation between the VERBA shadow theater and numerous theaters and festivals in Romania. In addition, the number was so good that all the judges unanimously voted for the VERBA shadow theater to reach the semifinals.

The main objective of the team is to promote Ukrainian culture, ethnic and creativity in the world. The judges and the audience was pleasantly surprised by the premiere of the shadow performances titled “We are Ukrainians“, Specially created to participate in this talent project.