Театр тіней Verba в Румунії, Театр теней Verba в Румынии, Shadow theater in Romania

Shadow theater in Romania – Semifinal of Romania’s Got Talent

April 29, 2016

After the enchanting performance of the shadow theater in Romania, on April 29, TV channel PRO TV broadcasted in live the first semi-final of Romania’s Got Talent with Shadow Theatre Verba.

Ukrainians managed to conquer the hearts of the jury and the audience with the eternal love story of the heroes of the tragically sunken ship Titanic. The Verba theater team was the first in a similar genre to have taken up the film version in the shadow of a production based on the eponymous feature film. Standing audience welcomed the performance of the shadow theater Verba, and the project jury shared the best reviews and comments about the show.

Birthday party with Shadow Theatre Verba

In addition to filming and preparing for the performance, the guys did not forget to relax, have fun and have a great time at the shooting pavilion of the PRO TV channel! As on the day of the performance at the awards ceremony of the professionals of the event industry Eventex Awards 2016 in Sofia (Bulgaria), one of the team members during the tour of the shadow theater in Romania had a birthday! And this video is about how we celebrated it.