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We are Ukrainians in Chernihiv

September 21, 2016

Chernihiv, September 21, 2016 – On the eve of the celebration of City Day and the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of Chernihiv, the team of the shadow theater, one of the unique manifestations of art in the city, decided to present its fellow countrymen with an unforgettable performance. The creative team continues to delight the audience with its unique shadow plays.

Shadow Theater is considered one of the most creative and original groups in the city, and it is not surprising, because our performances take the audience into a wonderful world where reality is intertwined with the mysterious and fantastic. Our theater was able to win the hearts of many spectators and become an integral part of the cultural life of Chernihiv.

On this special day, the City Palace of Culture “Chemists” witnessed an amazing performance of shadow theater. This time the team chose a special number for their performance – “We are Ukrainians”. This patriotic performance reflected the deepest feelings and national pride felt by Ukrainians.


We showed a unique vision of our country’s history through delightful movements and shadows, creating an atmosphere in which the audience felt the depth of each moment. We showed it already on the casting of Romania’s Got Talent and on the anniversary of New Police in Dnipro. The shadow theater team performed with such enthusiasm and passion that the audience was mesmerized from the first seconds. Subtle shadow work, meticulously crafted details and stunning choreography added up to a harmonious and stunning spectacle.

“We are Ukrainians” became a bright and poignant sign in honor of the city of Chernihiv and all its residents. It was a unique moment when art was able to convey national values, unity, and pride for the native land. The audience left the concert filled with patriotic feelings and deep respect for their history.

So let this holiday be bright and memorable for all Chernihiv citizens, and the shadow theater will continue to inspire you with its amazing performances and creative approach to art. May everyone always have light in their eyes, as bright as the shadows we create at our performances!