Театр теней в Ливане, Театр тіней в Лівані, shadow theatre in Lebanon
Shadow Theatre in Lebanon – More than 130 years of Sabis school
July 09,2016

Shadow theatre in Lebanon It’s not a first performance of shadow theatre in Lebanon. Team of shadow Theatre Verba always supports projects that are associated with medicine, culture and education. No exception was the shadow performance on birthday party for the world famous Lebanese school «Sabis». More than 130 years of Sabis school Together with shadow

Театр теней в Польше, Театр тіней в Польщі, Shadow Theatre in Poland
Shadow Theatre in Poland – Alice in Wonderland for Pracuj.pl
June 06,2016

Shadow Theatre in Poland Shadow Theatre in Poland becomes famous after the triumph at the show «Romain’s got talent». For example in early June, the team visited Warsaw and delighted the audience with their newly created performance. Acrobats of shadow theater Verba failed to realize the “shadow” version of the world famous Lewis Carroll’s fairy

Театр тіней Verba в Румунії, Театр теней Verba в Румынии, Shadow theater in Romania
Shadow theater in Romania – Semifinal of Romania’s Got Talent
April 29,2016

This is the second when Verba performed with shadow theater in Romania! After the enchanting performance of the shadow theater in Romania, on April 29, TV channel PRO TV broadcasted in live the first semi-final of Romania’s Got Talent with Shadow Theatre Verba. Ukrainians managed to conquer the hearts of the jury and the audience with the eternal

Shadow Theatre In Bulgaria, Театр теней в Софии, Eventex Awards, театр тіней в Болгарії
Eventex Awards in Sophia
March 17,2016

Shadow theatre in Bulgaria Shadow theatre in Bulgaria performed at the ceremony of awarding the winners of the annual award “Eventex”, which took place in Sofia on 17th of March. It was shortly after performing at Romania’s Got Talent. The event was held within the framework of the international forum of inventors Eventex 2016. At the gala

Romanii au talent, Румунія має таланти, Romania's Got Talent, Румыния ищет таланты
Romania’s Got Talent Casting
February 26,2016

Romania’s Got Talent! New conceptual project from Ukraine – shadow theater Verba debut in the sixth season of the talent show “Romania’s got talent” (“Românii au talent”) in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Casting with the theater took place on 4th of March on the TV channel ProTV. After viewing this number, the jury unanimously expressed

театр теней во Франции театр тіней у Франції shadow theatre in France
Shadow Theatre in France
July 07,2015

Shadow Theatre in France on the TV show France Digital Talent Ukrainian shadow theatre in France in July 2015 won the online project France Digital Talent. This competition is designed to identify additional finalists at La Incroyable Talent. The show is similar to Britain’s Got Talent. Those who won the online version went to the

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