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3D Shadow Show in Kharkiv and Dnipro

December 12, 2019

3D Shadow Show in Kharkiv and Dnipro

Immediately upon return of  Verba from “Bulgaria got Talent,” the group presented 3D shadow show in Kharkiv and the Dnipro.
December 12, the artists were met by the audience in the theater named by Shevchenko. Moreover, because of the high excitement, it was decided to make two shows. But since there was a week before, they were one by one. Time: 5pm and 7 pm.
And on December 13, the Dnipro pleased not only with sunny weather. But also the sold out hall of the Palace of Engineering Mashinostroiteley.

Description of the Show

Of course, when you work for a long time and you have a lot of fans, you as entertainer really want to surprise them. Although the focus of the 3D Shadow Theatre has remained on the family audience. Nevertheless, the plots and productions have become even more relevant and attracting the viewer. We are talking about the interactive part at the very beginning of the show.
When everyone could go on stage and get acquainted with His Shadow and the Shadows of the Verba’s actors.

The protagonist and guide to the World of Shadows, the Traveler, explores everything new around him. He and the little ray in his hand travel all over the planet. But in an instant, the light from the lamp scattered into thousands of fireflies. And began to show various stories and tales of recent travels in the World of Shadows.
Spectators plunged into the world of heroes and adventures familiar from childhood.
They were met by a charming Little Mermaid, groovy Jasmine, courageous Hercules. And this is only a small part of the list of characters of all favorite fairy tales.
VERBA has created its own mysterious World of Shadows.

3D Innovations in the Shadow World

The theater team is so glad to come to such a native audience. As well as a full house and incredible emotional returns.
The artists would like to express special thanks to Dmitry Obednikov. Who helped to create a fabulous atmosphere at the beginning of the show. And also to Vladimir Marin – for a successful  start in the creation of  3D shadow show.

We want to note, that only Verba Shadow Show – the only ones in the world who combine two genres – shadow theater and 3D show! And they were the first who successfully demonstrated it in the USA on biggest talent show “America’s got talent”.