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Shadow Show on 1+1 TV Channel

December 26, 2019

Shadow Show on 1+1 TV Channel

At the end of the year, Verba Shadow Show created intro for the tv-show “Dubinizmy” on 1+1 . The entertainers, together with the director of the program, tried to show the whole truth about politics in a creative manner.

Itself it’s an authorial, ironic-satirical, subjective vision of the acting deputy of Alexander Dubinsky. As a former journalist, he is very tough  “passing” in power and opposition.

Since the project itself is political, conceptually it shown that all officials are just puppets led by cynical puppeteers.

INTRO’s plot

Therefore, putting in 40 seconds the whole large-scale idea is a difficult task.
But helped that this is not the first experience in creating AD videos. Of course, with the topic of politics, Verba Shadow was always wary. But here the realization that you are showing the truth gave inspiration. And,moreover, actions were born by themselves.

So, about the plot. In the first frame, two people talk, agree on something, shake hands.
The bottom line is that these are just people (future deputies) who made a deal or promised something to each other.
Next, we are transferred to today’s reality. They are already at the “trough”, here it is the life of important people … We see several silhouettes that raise their hands and there are visible threads that stretch up. A number of movements characteristic of deputies are reproduced here. Some of the Verba dancers vote, someone whispers something to each other. The rest are on the phone.
Of course, this is all with threads. As a result, the viewer understands that they all don’t decide anything themselves.
In the third part, from this chaos we move up. As a result we see all connections reach for the fingers of the “Big Hands”. Like in a puppet theater they move to the beat of movement.

And, certainly, we turn to the main thing, that the shadow show on at the end of the 1+1 tv-show was supposed to broadcast. This is what all officials, alas, are puppets, and from above there is always a puppeteer.
Final packshot (graphics) – letters with the name of the program DUBINIZMI fall on the strings.

How it all look like visually you can be seen at the very beginning of new releases every Monday at 11.45 pm.