3D театр теней на «Болгария имеет талант» 3D театр тіней на «Болгарія має талант» 3D shadow show on "Bulgaria got talent"

3D Shadow Show on “Balgariya tarsi talant”

November 16, 2019

3D Shadow Show on “Balgariya tarsi talant”

After an incredibly inspiring performance at “America’s got talent”, Verba 3D shadow show was invited to “Balgariya tarsi talant”. The shooting is carried out by the bTV channel. This is the 6th season of the TV project. Of course, after America, there are many aspects to compare. Nevertheless, professionals, certainly, work for “Bulgaria Got Talent”. Starting from technical equipment, and ending with staff. We were provided with a translator for the entire period of the shootings. Any technical problems were solved very quickly and with high-quality equipment. The judges were reasonably tolerant and really said what they thought. But not a pre-written text. Artists were watched by Luben Dilov, Iko Hazart, Katerina Euro, and Slavena Watova.

Semi-finalist “Balgariya tarsi talant”

Verba’s shadow show was selected for video pre-casting. Then the group was invited to directly shoot the audition in Sofia. To conquer the Bulgarian audience was chosen “strong” performance – “Game of Thrones” in 3D. In Bulgaria, there were many fans of the series. And an incredible amount of positive feedback was received on the social networks of the tv-show. Which gave us an unconditional chance to qualify for the semifinals. The 3D Shadow show was shot for broadcast on “Balgariya tarsi talant” in August. And the world saw all the contestants in November. Therefore, on November 16th Verba Shadow was notified that they went to the semifinals of the show. The next stage was on December 1st.  There was enough time for preparation.

Premier of a new genre

Of course, dancers wanted not only to surprise the Bulgarians but also to be remembered by them. Therefore, it was decided to demonstrate the show about war and love. This is exactly the performance after which Verba Shadow was talked about with renewed power. The video will forever remain in the memory of viewers not only of the 13th season of America’s got talent but also of the whole world. But, alas, the 3D shadow show at “Balgariya tarsi talant” did not go further. The difficulty is that the audience usually votes for their fellow citizens or cute children. In conclusion, it turned out that the final of the 6th season was more “childish” than all the previous ones. Although the jury was incredibly delighted with the 3D shadow theater. And the audience standing welcomed the performance of the Ukrainians. By the way, the producer of the project shared the best reviews and comments about what they saw.

3D Shadow Show at the “Bulgaria Tarsi Talant” – you can see the performance in the video below: