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Chinese shadows in Beijing – Shadow Theatre Verba

December 03, 2018

Autumn China tour of the shadow theatre Verba was not the first one, but very special. This time Chinese shadows was more modern than ever before. Finally, Verba showed Chinese audience new 3D show.

Since 2013, this has been the 9th time in China. For a month, artists visited 6 major cities. Such as Chongqing, Changsha, Wuxi, Lancy, Wuhan. Finally, was a few shows in the capital – Beijing.

Because in the framework of the tour VERBA presented the updated 3D show “Kingdom of Shadows”. Shadow stories about Cinderella, Hercules, Harry Potter alternated with performances in the genres of acrobatics and led-show. At the end was a special surprise for the Chinese viewers. Namely, multi-genre performance in the national style. Due to short thematic staging, were combined extraordinary etudes. More precisely, elements of Chinese folk dance,  symbols of Chinese culture, made in shadow images and complemented by led-show.

Autumn tour – 2018 gave a new experience in Chinese shadows

In some cities, the artists managed get to know the audience better. For the reason, they have to answer questions during the improvised Q&A. They could also take a picture of anyone from the team. A pleasant surprise was to meet among the audience immigrants from Ukraine.

In the city of Wuxi, the VERBA team, at the request of the organizers, even gave a small master-class for the children. Small spectators were able to try themselves as performers and create several shadow figures with the help of their bodies. Children are always impressed. But this time the parents were happy to be involved in the process.
On a day off work, the artists also visited Shanghai, a long-beloved one.
And, being in Beijing, they were finally able to visit the Great Wall of China. Interesting, they got the same incredible charge of emotions and inspiration as during performances on the stage.

Despite the fact that China is different culturally and mentally – this is the second home. If count, shadow theater Verba performed here more than in native Ukraine. Autumn China tour of the shadow theatre – the second departure for the year. But returning home, dancers are very happy to eat the food and see Ukrainian faces.