shadow space, shadow theatre

Ukrainian tour of “Shadow Space”

February 15, 2016

Dear our viewers, after a few days of rest we went on a new tour of the shadow theater in our favorite cities of Ukraine. In the exciting show Shadow Space, which we already showed in China, the audience saw amazing stories, the magic of light, and an incredible shadow show! Shadow Space shadow show could be seen:

  • October 18 – Priluki
  • October 19 – Sumy
  • November 26 – Kharkiv
  • November 27 – Dnepropetrovsk
  • November 28 – Zaporozhye
  • November 29 – Kiev
  • December 4 – Odesa, Ukrainian Theater
  • December 6 – Lutsk, Lutsk Palace of Culture
  • December 7 – Ternopil, Drama Theater
  • December 8 – Zhmerinka
  • December 9 – Vinnitsa
  • February 14 – Bila Tserkva

shadow space, shadow theatre

The beginning of the journey was laid on October 18 in Priluki, where the shadow theater performed the program “Shadow Space” in the city palace of culture. The audience was delighted with the professionalism of the artists, and the hall was full of enthusiastic applause. And the next day, the show was presented in the local theater in Sumy, where there was also a full house!

On November 26, Shadow Theater performed with the program “Shadow Space” in Kharkov Shevchenko Theater. This is not the first time Shadow Theater in Kharkov. Last time the concert was held in KhATOB. Full hall and prolonged applause of the audience left only the most positive emotions of the theater team, and the Internet portal ATN shot a small video report about the performance of the artists.

shadow space tour, shadow theatre

The premiere of the shadow show “Shadow Space” from the shadow theater Fireflies in Dnepropetrovsk was held with a full house. For the first time Chernihiv residents could see the performance of Chernihiv artists on November 27 in DK Mashinostroiteli. The audience gave an incredibly warm welcome to the theater team and did not let the artists off the stage for a long time with their applause. Special thanks to portal for the photo report of our concert.

Also, the team of the theater of shadows gave an interview in a live broadcast to one of the TV channels of Dnepropetrovsk. We told about our trip to China, participation in various talent shows and the upcoming tour of Ukraine.

shadow space, shadow theatre

On November 28, the shadow theater for the first time presented its shadow show “Shadow Space” to the audience of Zaporizhzhya. The concert was held in the Concert Hall named after Glinka. Glinka. The performance of artists from Chernihiv gathered a full hall of spectators, who with their applause proved that in Zaporizhzhia is a very friendly and sincere audience.

Especially the audience liked the number “I am Ukrainian”. Even with centuries in Zaporizhzhya, the spirit of the great Kozak past does not fade away.

For the second time in Kyiv, Chernihiv shadow theater presented its shadow show “Shadow Space”. The concert took place on November 29 in the hall of the capital’s Oktyabrsky Palace. One of the main venues of the country gave the artists a lot of bright impressions and a wonderful welcoming audience. Fully filled hall did not want to let the artists go home for a long time. Kyiv was the final city in the 4-day non-stop tour of the Theater of Shadows.

shadow space, shadow theatre

On December 4, on the stage of the Ukrainian Theater the premiere of the popular show “Shadow Space” was held in Odessa. Although it is quite difficult to surprise the audience of this city, nothing is impossible for professionals. Shadow Theater managed to gather a full hall of Odessitians indifferent to the shadow art.

shadow space, shadow theatre

Particular warmth and soulfulness of the evening were given by a solemn event in the team – the organizer and actress of the theater, Lyudmila Kiselitsa, celebrated her birthday. The members of the team arranged a small surprise for her, congratulating her with flowers right on the stage during the performance. The whole audience also joined in the congratulations.

Mila Kyselytsia

This is not the first time the Lutsk Palace of Culture has hosted the Shadow Space Theater. On December 6, the show “Shadow Space” returned to the familiar stage and once again delighted the audience with an extraordinary play of light and shadow. The audience appreciated the performance of Chernihiv artists and supported them with applause during the whole concert. A brief review of the concert was covered in the local news portal – Tabloїd Volini. 

shadow space, shadow theatre

By the way, this tour is full of festive mood, and not only because of the approaching New Year. Shadow Theater in Lutsk during their concert shared with the audience one very important event – the birthday of their driver. The guys say that this man is their biggest critic, as he has seen the performances dozens of times and always knows where someone did something not according to plan. But in Lutsk, everything went perfectly:)

Happy Birthday, Shadow Theatre

After the spring premiere, the shadow show “Shadow Space” returned to Ternopil. Shadow Theater in Ternopil again performed on the stage of Drama Theater on December 7. Full hall, incredibly warm reception of the audience…. This is not all that the artists will be remembered for this concert. For the first time in the history of the theater during the show on stage a young man proposed marriage to his girlfriend. All of Ternopil and the Shadow Theater team at that moment supported the couple and the girl answered Yes!

shadow space, shadow theatre

Shadow theater in Vinnytsia gave the final concert of this year’s tour of the show “Shadow Space” through the cities of Ukraine. On December 9, the residents of Vinnytsia saw the shadow show for the first time. The small but very hospitable hall of the House of Officers received the artists warmly and cordially. The concert became bright and memorable in the tour with a full-length show in Ukraine in the past year.

On February 14, Shadow Theater in Bila Tserkva performed for the first time. With its show “Shadow Space” Chernihiv shadow theater managed to gather a full house in the local DK “Rosava”!

The peculiarity of the evening was its romantic mood, as the concert was held on St. Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, the artists of the theater included in the program of the show already known to many of its audience production “Amour”, which immersed the audience in the atmosphere of Paris and love. And at the end of the concert, as a surprise, the team of the shadow theater presented to the Bila Tserkva residents an absolutely new work about one of the most tragic and romantic stories of the 20th century – the production “Titanic” based on the movie of the same name.