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Shadow Theater’s China tour

November 26, 2015

The entire month of November was filled with vibrant emotions and exciting adventures for Shadow Theater as the team set out to conquer China for the third time. Countless concerts, different cities, and the excitement of traveling in free time created unforgettable moments that we are happy to share with you in this article about Shadow Theater’s China tour. It was during this tour that we had the opportunity to receive an award, which we won at the Handle Climate Change Film Festival.

Shadow Theater in Beijing – Shadow Space Magic

This was the first time the Shadow Theater performed in Beijing, and there were a huge number of people who wanted to see the “Shadow Space” show. In order to fully satisfy the Chinese audience’s interest in Shadow Theater, our team performed two concerts at the same time. The smiles of the children and the “thank you” of the parents were the most memorable things of these two beautiful concerts.

Beijing, shadow theatre, театр тіней

And our free time was spent exploring the majestic sights of Beijing. A visit to the famous Beijing Zoo, a walk through Beihai and Shichahai Park, and a tour of the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, and the Lamaist Temple left us with unforgettable impressions. Of course, we could not miss the opportunity to see giraffes, zebras, lions, bears, and many, many other animals at the Beijing Zoo. We didn’t forget the main attraction, pride, and symbol of the zoo – the panda!

Panda Beijing, shadow theatre, театр тіней

If you’re in Beijing, be sure to visit the Forbidden City. Its massive walls and ancient buildings, surrounded by beautiful parks, conquer at first sight. The scale of the place will leave you in awe of ancient Chinese culture. A visit to the National Library of China, with its majestic architecture, added to our experience and left us in complete awe of the great Chinese culture.

Forbiden city Beijing, shadow theatre, театр тіней

Hangzhou Shadow Theater – The Warm Heart of the Orient

After a warm welcome in Beijing, our troupe traveled to Hangzhou, where we also presented the show “Shadow Space” to the people of this romantic city. The concert venue was chosen near the famous Buddhist monastery, the Temple of Soul Refuge, which created a special atmosphere of friendliness and warmth during the performance. After the concert, we received many bouquets of flowers from the grateful audience.

Buddah Hanchjou, shadow theatre, театр тіней

Hangzhou is famous for its magnificent Xi Hu, the largest lake in China. It would be a crime not to visit it. In addition to the Western Lake, the Six Harmonies Pagoda, built more than a thousand years ago, from which the Shadow Theater team overlooked the entire city, is a delight to behold. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get into the territory of the Buddha Temple, but we did manage to talk to real monks!

Hangzhou is shrouded in spiritual peace and tranquility and is the perfect place for those seeking tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Shadow Theatre in Shanghai – The Oriental Pearl

Next, our exciting journey through China took us to Shanghai, a city of contrasts and amazing experiences. Shanghai was a special place for us and we decided to delight the audience with two one-hour Shadow Space performances. By the way, the audience was pleasantly surprised not only by the culture but also by the fact that there were many people of different nationalities.

Shanghai, shadow theatre, театр тіней

The next day after the concert, it was nice to relax in Yu Yuan Garden, stroll around People’s Square, and take a steamboat ride on the Huangpu River. The Shadow Theater fell in love with Shanghai and its people. The world-famous Oriental Pearl, the Jade Buddha Temple, the tallest building in Asia, the Jin Mao Skyscraper – all of this is gathered in one city, and in its spare time, Shadow Theater in Shanghai decided to visit as many of these sights as possible.

Skyline Shanghai, shadow theatre, театр тіней

Shanghai is a city that impresses with its diversity. Huge skyscrapers coexist with beautiful parks and green oases. Shanghai has a rich historical heritage with numerous museums and exhibitions that offer the opportunity to learn about thousands of years of Chinese history. And a stroll along the Huangpu River with photos taken against the backdrop of impressive skyscrapers and the television tower is a must for any tourist.

Marvel Shanghai, shadow theatre, театр тіней

And of course, discovering the Disney Store with favorite characters from the fairy tale world, which took us back to the world of childhood and dreams, proved to be an undoubted magic for many.

Shadow Theater in Jiaxing

The fourth city on our China tour list was the beautiful city of Jiaxing, where we were surrounded by the love of art at every turn. While waiting for our concert, we decided to enjoy the beauty of the city and visit its wonderful attractions. Boat rides on the rivers and canals, strolling through galleries and graceful bridges filled us with excitement and inspiration.

Hanchjou, shadow theatre, театр тіней

Not missing the opportunity to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, we went to Wuzhen Village and tasted dishes with spicy and intense flavors that left unforgettable impressions in our hearts.

Our shadow theater always emphasizes the fact that we are artists from Ukraine, which attracts the special interest and attention of the audience. Large posters and advertisements of our theater confirm that our art is recognized and appreciated outside of Ukraine.

Shadow theatre in Huzhou – magic in the romantic city

On November 14, we presented our shadow show “Shadow Space” to the audience in Huzhou, China, which is famous for its Nanxun Old Town, Feiying Park, and its impressive big wheel. The audience received our performance warmly and we enjoyed their joy and energy during the show.

School entrance Xiamen, shadow theatre, театр тіней

It was especially heartwarming to see the children in the audience taking pictures with us after the performance. Interacting with young audiences always brings a lot of joy and pleasure, and we are glad that we were able to give them unforgettable moments.

Velia Xiamen, shadow theatre, театр тіней

In Huzhou, we had the opportunity to spend a few days enjoying the beauty of this romantic city. Gulangyu Island, Dimei Diagen Park, the Botanical Garden, and Hulishan Fort captivated us with their unique features and amazing atmosphere.

Shadow Theatre in Ningbo – Warm Joy in the Rain

Despite the rainy weather, the city of Ningbo warmly welcomed our Shadow Theater show. It was especially gratifying for us that the concert attracted a mostly children audience, which made our performance even more vibrant.

Kids Xiamen, shadow theatre, театр тіней

The support and energy we received from the children was truly inspiring. The unusual questions and bright smiles left unforgettable impressions in our hearts. We enjoyed spending a few days in Ningbo, enjoying the beautiful places and learning about the interesting traditions and culture of this city.

Shadow Theatre in Xiamen

In Xiamen, we also had a couple of concerts with the show “Shadow Space”. The first show was at the Xiamen Jiageng Theater, which is impressive in its size and beauty. We didn’t forget the children and held the second show at a local school. The children’s audience watched our shadow stories with interest and delight and also had the opportunity to watch the acrobatic act live. We enjoyed interacting with the young audience, answering their questions, and taking pictures with them.

School Xiamen, shadow theatre, театр тіней

We enjoyed the hot autumn weather in the city, and the beautiful places such as Gulangyu Island, Dimei Diagen Park and Hulishan Fort left us with unforgettable memories.

Shadow Theatre in Chongqing – Closing with Vivid Moments

Our tour of Chinese cities ended with the Shadow Theater show in Chongqing. For the second time, our team was welcomed on the stage of the Guotai Arts Center Concert Hall, itself an important landmark of the city.

Exterior Chongqing, shadow theatre, театр тіней

The audience received us with warmth and enthusiasm, and we were happy to share our art with them. A small backstage tour for the children before the show allowed them to feel part of the theatrical process and even participate in creating small shadow sketches themselves.

Interior Chongqing, shadow theatre, театр тіней

It was a glorious end to our three-week trip through China, and we thank all the audiences and organizers for the warm encounters and unforgettable moments. Each city has left its mark on our hearts, and we hope to return to China to bring you more joy and emotion. See you again!