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Shadow theatre in Lviv, Priluki and Sumy

October 18, 2015

Concert in Lviv

Premiere of the show “Shadow Space” from the shadow theater in Lviv, Priluki and Sumy.

September 28, 2015, in Lviv premiere of the show “Shadow Space”. It is a full-length show of the Verba Shadow Theater. Before that the artists performed only at frequent events in Lviv. Or at festivals, like the Pizza Festival in 2014. It took place on the main square near the Lviv City Hall.

The concert of the shadow theater with the show “Shadow Space” took place on one of the main stages of the city. It was the theater named after Maria Zankovetska. The excitement around the shadow theater made a great impression on the team. Of course, an artist is always happy with a full house.
The only nuance and difficulty is the lack of time to prepare the stage well. Verba Shadow Theater flew in from our festival performance in Qatar two hours before the show. The artists flew from Doha to Dubai, from there to Kyiv, and from Kyiv to Lviv.
Of course, this did not affect the performance. The audience welcomed the Verb performers so warmly that they could not help themselves.

Shadow theatre in Priluki and Sumy

Almost a month later the shadow theater came to Priluki. On October 18, the actors were invited to the Verba City Palace of Culture. Where there was a full house, despite the large number of seats in the hall.
It was nice to perform in Priluki, as the dancers from Chernihiv are quite famous here.

On October 19 the Chernihiv Shadow Theatre brought its new show to Sumy.
Let us tell you a secret, most concert halls in Ukraine are very cold. And Sumy was one of them. But as soon as you go on stage, you forget about it. And you try to warm up the whole hall with your warmth.
And despite the fact that Sumy is a difficult city in terms of sales, Verba Shadow Theatre was not affected by it. And for this, we are grateful to our audience.

It should be noted that these were the first performances after the renewal of the cast. The performance of the equilibrist Alexey Skorobogatko and an interactive performance with the audience was also premiered.
The show traditionally included acrobatic and dance mini-performances. Led-poi show, which always explodes the hall with applause, also diversified the shadow. In the new team of the Theatre of Shadows Verba performs exclusively KMS or MS in rhythmic gymnastics. And the guys are traceurs, handstand acrobats, and ballroom dancers.