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Now you can watch shadow play on Novyi Kanal’s show Superintuition

April 13, 2018


The end of the year for the shadow theatre Verba was quite intense. In addition to the concerts shadow theater were invited to take part in the filming of the show Superintuition on the “Novyi Kanal”. This is the 8th season of the project, but its popularity does not drop. The shooting took part at the Film.ua and it was broadcasted on April 13, 2018.

Two outrageous superstars checked their intuition. Superblonde, singer and actress Olia Polyakova and ex-soloist of Nikita group Anastasia Kumeiko. Now she is better known as Dj Nana. The participant of the show Superintuition from the shadow theater was the manager and actor Ruslan Bokach. He stood at number one, and in the list of classes that should have been guessed, was listed as a “Shadow“.

The stylists of the project prepared a bright yellow look for Ruslan. It was radically different from the daily one. Only a small detail helped to understand its category – an umbrella hat. Olia Polyakova noticed this detail and tried to guess Ruslan’s category. Of course she hesitated for a long time, but still made the right choice. To confirm this, the actors of the shadow theatre Verba showed several film miniatures. It was the one with director and couple in love in the main role.

The screen was mounted and everybody started to watch shadow play. It was very interesting to observe the reaction of the audience. Sergey Prytula and the participants of the show Anastasia Kumeiko and Olya Polyakova were amazed at how skillfully a story was created.