театр теней на Söwda we hyzmat - 2019 shadow theatre in Turmenistan

Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan

April 15, 2019

Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan

On 13 April the Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan debuted. VERBA shadow performed in Ashgabat (the capital of Turkmenistan). This happened at the International Exhibition Fair “Söwda we hyzmat – 2019” (“Trade and Services – 2019”). It was held at the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce on April 13-14. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan. The event was attended by about two hundred participants. These were both Turkmen and foreign entrepreneurs. That is to say, part of the exhibition pavilion resembled as newest shopping and entertainment center. There were rows of groceries shining with fresh vegetables and fruits. Products of the food industry of Turkmenistan were presented. And of course, traditionally, it was not done without textiles and carpets. The shadow theatre Verba shadow was invited to open the exhibition “Trade and services – 2019” at the beginning of the year.

The SHADOW THEATRE on “Söwda we hyzmat – 2019”

To perform here is very honorable for any artists. Firstly, any of shadow theatre’s performed in Turkmenistan before. Secondly, for the group itself meeting with new country is always a joy. The task was to show the history of Ashgabat and Silk Road. Of course, due to the 2D format, not all attractions can be understandable. However, here is a list of those that were successfully implemented in the shadows. This is the Turkmenbashi Mosque, Ashgabat Railway Station. Meanwhile, the Neutrality Monument turned out very quickly. For example, very interesting form has the Wedding Palace “Bagt koshgi”. It is worth to say about International Airport Ashgabat. It was opened in 2016 and popularly called the “falcon”. From a bird’s eye view, the airport building has the shape of a falcon. By the way, the VERBA SHADOW collected this particular angle. In conclusion, the loudest applause was precisely this shadow figure.

 The plot of the performance

Shadow theatre in Turkmenistan performed several times. At the opening of the exhibition fair “Söwda we hyzmat – 2019” and at the evening celebration. The artists performed with story about Silk Road, and also with their new shadow show 3D. At free time, the Ukrainian delegation conducted a tour. They were shown almost all the sights from the production of VERBA SHADOW. And separately group taken to the Olympic village and were amazed by it so much.