judge cuts agt Театр тіней продовжує підкорювати Америку Shadow Theatre continues to conquer USA

Shadow Theatre continues to conquer USA

July 24, 2019

After four “YES”, the Shadow Theatre continues to conquer the USA. Today’s second episode of America’s Got Talent show features Verba Shadow in Chernihiv Shadow Theater.

The first performance was very successful. It was watched by more than 10 mln viewers around the world. The story that the shadow dance group showed was not only close to the Ukrainian audience. It also caught the memories of many people in the United States, Syria, and Vietnam. Someone wrote that this story reminds them of their father or brother, who died in the war. And someone just admired the plasticity of the dancers. How the whole story can be told with the help of the bodies alone. Watch the video of Epic Love Story.

When the euphoria subsided after the first round, the question was what to show in the second. It should be a completely different story, something that neither viewers nor judges can expect.

Also, the main difference from the first tour was the huge number of interviews. Because now every participant is a real contender for going on the air and winning the show. Two days of filming in various locations, interviews for television and social networks. And only after all this live performance.

Wizard BOY performance

The shadow theatre is what surprises and fascinates. Something that looks more like an extraordinary cartoon than a theater.

Therefore, after consulting with Vladimir Marin, the director who created the story for the first performance, it was decided to show the production of The Wizard. Here is how he commented: “I always want to believe in miracles and magic, both to the child and the adult. So we decided to bring the public into the bizarre world of illusion and magic. Using some interesting technological effects in the WIZARD BOY. ”

So, the Shadow Theatre continues to conquer the USA. This plot allows you to unleash to the maximum all the possibilities of both shadow theatre and 3D technology. Using 3D, it became possible to expand the boundaries of the usual “flat” shadow theater. Technique artists, colorful costumes, and visual special effects should have hit the audience and the jury!

Shooting the second round took place on the territory of Universal Studios Hollywood. Artists plunged into another world. It filmed a huge number of famous films. For example, “Transformers”, “Home Alone”, “Back to the Future”, “Harry Potter” and others.

All judges incredibly liked the performance – the Shadow Theatre continues to conquer the USA. It was really something new and something that no one has ever seen. Further, the artists can only wait to see whether they will be chosen among others. No less outstanding and memorable shows for further participation and the struggle for $ 1 million.