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Ranking the Talent

November 08, 2023

Our Journey on Dutch TV’s “Ranking the Talent” and How It Touched Lives

Hey there, friends of Shadow Theatre Verba,

It’s me, Ruslan, co-founder and performer of our beloved shadow theatre. I’m here to share a story that’s really close to my heart. It’s about our recent adventure on the Dutch TV show “Ranking the Talent” in November 2023 and how a simple act on stage can ripple out into the world in ways we never imagined.

Bringing Our Story to Light with “War”

We took to the stage with a performance called “War,” which is a piece very dear to us. It’s not just a shadow play, it’s a reflection of the real, heart-wrenching situation in Ukraine, our homeland. Through our art, we aimed to depict the consequences of the Russian aggression that has deeply affected our people and our nation. It was more than a performance, it was a piece of our soul on that stage.

Chernihiv, our city, has not been spared from this turmoil. Once known for its beautiful architecture and rich history, Chernihiv has faced significant destruction and hardship. Buildings that stood for centuries, telling stories of our past, now bear the scars of conflict. The impact on our community has been profound – families displaced, daily life disrupted, and a constant air of uncertainty hanging over us.

Translating Pain into Art

In “War,” we endeavored to translate these experiences into a language understood universally – the language of art. Our shadows depict not just the physical destruction, but also the emotional landscape of a people caught in the crossfire. We show the resilience of the human spirit, the strength of communities coming together, and the unbreakable bond that hardship often forges.

A Moment That Changed Everything

After our performance aired, something amazing happened. A viewer from the Netherlands, moved by our portrayal of the Ukrainian struggle, reached out to us. They were so touched that they donated 5,000 EUR to United24, a platform supporting Ukraine. This generous act left us speechless. Our shadows did more than tell a story; they inspired real-world change.

This whole experience has been eye-opening. It shows how art can be a powerful bridge, connecting hearts and minds across borders. Our performance on “Ranking the Talent” was more than competing on a TV show; it was about bringing the reality of our country to an international audience and stirring souls to action.

“Your View – Our Donation”: A Campaign Close to Our Heart

This incredible gesture ties beautifully with our ongoing initiative, “Your View – Our Donation”. For every view we get on our “War” performance video, we pledge to donate the same amount in support of Ukraine. It’s our way of turning every glance, every moment of attention we receive, into tangible help for our people back home.

A Humble Thank You

To all of you who support us, watch our performances, and share our journey – thank you. Each view, each share, and each word of support contributes to a bigger cause. You’re not just our audience; you’re part of our extended family, part of this journey to bring light to the shadows of war.

Join us in this heartfelt mission. Watch our videos, spread the word, and if you feel moved to, support causes that help those in need. Every little action adds up, creating a wave of kindness and support.