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Fundraiser for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

May 25, 2023

Your View – Our Donation. Launching a Fundraiser for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Your task is to watch the video, and our task is to replenish the fund for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Of course, the more views, the larger the donation.

For Ukraine, the war began in 2014. Since the beginning of the war, our entire theater group understood that we simply could not stand aside. Therefore, it was decided to bring a number about the war in Ukraine to the most popular talent show in America in 2019 to raise awareness and draw the community’s attention to the events in Ukraine. At that time, millions of viewers and YouTube users saw this performance.

No one could have known that this performance would become like a prophecy, and on February 24, 2022, with the start of full-scale war, this genocide and inevitable tragedy would reach every Ukrainian home.

We sincerely hope that this creative project is capable of attracting the attention of the general public, reaching the depths of their souls, touching their hearts, and evoking emotions. We want everyone to remember and be able to put themselves in the situation, to understand how terrifying it is and what it feels like when real war knocks on your door. This should not be happening. Those who start the war, support the war, and approve of military actions are on the side of absolute evil and have no justification.

We must foster humanity in the rising generation while fighting for justice.

In our shadowy performance, we portrayed a young couple deeply in love with each other, getting married, and receiving the gift of destiny – a baby. Without enough time to enjoy family life, the wife sends her husband to defend the Motherland. As he fights for his country, he loses the most precious thing. The price of victory for him is a devastated home and the loss of his beloved wife. Only angels were able to save their child, their son…

And this is just one example of shattered destinies. Unfortunately, we see such stories every day.

Because war is thousands of shattered lives, it’s young children losing their parents, children being forcibly displaced to other territories, it’s physical and moral mutilation for the entire nation, where it is simply impossible to remain mentally healthy after all the experiences. It’s parents holding their two-year-old children as they die in their arms or being trapped under rubble for hours, waiting for help.

Would anyone in their right mind want such a childhood for their children, regardless of their beliefs or where they live?

Why should someone decide the fate of your family and your country?

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people who have left their homes and beloved pets are forced to seek shelter in other territories of their country or abroad. How many thousands of men, and sons, will never return to their children, wives, and mothers?

The war will end one day, but how long will we feel the reality of destruction and the consequences of war? These wounds will continue to bleed for a long time, and the scars on our hearts will remain forever.

Therefore, through our work, we would like to show that war is irreparable grief and burning tears. We must remember all the horrors of our history and pass them on to future generations in our genetic code so that we never allow such a scenario to unfold again.


“Your VIEW – our DONATION” is a campaign that we launched in the spring of 2023 to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As part of this campaign, every two weeks (or when a whole number of views are reached), we decided to donate an amount of money in hryvnias, equal to the number of views of the performance about the war on YouTube. Our videos usually get around 10 thousand views, but there are some with 10 million views. That is why the initiative has huge potential. Using the power of art and our shadows, we aim to spread awareness about the Russian-Ukrainian war and provide support for Ukrainian defenders.

Using art as a powerful tool for communication and expressing our position, we strive to create resonance and not let us forget about the struggle of Ukraine.

The first thousand views ( read “donations”) were sent to Chernihiv entrepreneur, blogger, and volunteer Maksym Sadovskyi to repair cars for Ukrainian soldiers. We decided to send the next thousand for the elimination of ecocide consequences from the russians detonation of the Kakhovskaya HPP. By watching the video and sharing it on social networks, you can also contribute. We emphasize that every view and repost counts! We believe that there is no small help.

Our team expresses deep gratitude for any form of participation in our campaign!