Global Teachers Prize Ukraine 2023, Verba Shadow Theatre, театр тіней Verba

Global Teachers Prize Ukraine 2023

October 07, 2023

Hello dear friends!

Today we would like to share with you our impressions of an unforgettable evening when we spoke at the Global Teachers Prize Ukraine ceremony for the second time.

This event is not just another award ceremony. It is a symbol of recognition and respect for those who shape the future of our nation, our children – teachers. Five years ago, when the award was launched in Ukraine, we did not know how important this event would become. But now, at a time when the country is going through difficult times, the words “Teachers are important” take on a special meaning. 

This year, as we performed on stage, our hearts were both sad and proud. We knew that our performance about the war was especially important. It is not only a story of struggle and endurance, but also a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people, the embodiment of the hope that our teachers instilled in us. Today’s teachers are forced to do this despite all circumstances and ensure the safety of each student. 

We could not stay away from the need to help each other. That’s why we decided to donate the amount of hryvnias equal to the number of views of our video about the war. You can read more about the “Your view is our donation” initiative in one of our previous articles.

Returning to the performance, we would like to say that today every movement, every ray of light and shadow in our production was dedicated to them – our teachers, the heroes of the educational process. But we also try to convey the power of art through the screen, and your viewing only strengthens our belief in it. 

It is important to note that the Global Teachers Prize Ukraine is not only about celebrating the success of teachers, but also about highlighting their impact on society. Zoya Lytvyn, the founder of the prize and head of the Osvitoria Union, is doing a great job in supporting and developing education in our country.

For us, the members of the Verba team, every performance is not just a show, it is also our story, our feelings, our love for the country and its people. And this night was special. It was incredible to feel the grateful looks of the teachers, to see their happy faces, to realize that we shared a piece of our heart with them.

In closing, I would like to say that in these difficult times, we must remember that the light of knowledge that teachers bring will never fade if we support and appreciate them. And we, as Verba, will always be happy to illuminate that light through our work.

Thank you to everyone who was with us tonight. Thank you for your tireless work, dear teachers. Together we make our future brighter!