Christmas Shadow Experience at Saddleback Church, Різдвяна історія в тінях

A Drive-In Christmas Shadow Experience at Saddleback Church

December 21, 2020

As the holiday season approaches, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest is gearing up to spread Christmas joy to the community with a unique and captivating event. This year, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they are presenting a prerecorded video-performance of the Christmas Nativity Story, brought to life through the mesmerizing art form of Shadow Theatre Verba. This drive-in experience offers a safe and festive way for families to come together and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Let’s dive into the details of this magical event.

The Performance

The performance by Shadow Theatre Verba is an exquisite showcase of the shadow theatre genre. It is divided into three parts, each representing a crucial scene from the Christmas Nativity Story. Through the artful play of shadows, the story unfolds on the big screen, captivating the audience with its beauty and depth.

Christmas Shadow Experience at Saddleback Church, Різдвяна історія в тінях

1st Scene: The journey of Mary and Joseph begins with an angel appearing to Mary, announcing the miraculous birth of her son, Jesus. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for the census, and amidst the humble surroundings, Mary gives birth to Jesus. Wrapped in cloths, the newborn Savior is placed in a manger, as there was no room in the inn.

2nd Scene: On the same night, shepherds tending their flocks receive a divine visitation. An angel appears before them, calming their fears, and delivers the incredible news of the Savior’s birth. The angel guides them to Bethlehem, instructing them to look for a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. The shepherds are filled with awe and wonder as they set off to find the newborn King.

3rd Scene: Wise men from the East notice a miraculous star in the sky, a sign of the birth of a great King. Following the star’s guidance, they arrive in Bethlehem, where they find Jesus with Mary. Overwhelmed with joy and reverence, they bow down and present gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This encounter marks a pivotal moment that changes the world forever.

Christmas Shadow Experience at Saddleback Church, Різдвяна історія в тінях

The Drive-In Experience

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Saddleback Church has taken the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all attendees. The event will be held in a drive-in style, allowing families to participate from the comfort and security of their own vehicles. The prerecorded video-performance will be projected onto a large screen, providing optimal visibility and an immersive experience for everyone.

Light Of The World: A Drive-In Christmas Experience invites families to come together on December 20 at Saddleback Santa Rosa. It promises to be an unforgettable night filled with music, festive traditions, and the joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Shadow Experience at Saddleback Church, Різдвяна історія в тінях

Christmas is a time of hope, joy, and love. Through the Light Of The World: A Drive-In Christmas Experience, Saddleback Church invites the community to embrace the true spirit of Christmas. The mesmerizing shadow theatre performance by Verba brings the Nativity Story to life, allowing families to reflect on the significance of Jesus’ birth. In these challenging times, this drive-in event offers a safe and uplifting way for families to celebrate together while maintaining social distancing measures. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a magical evening that will warm your heart and ignite the Christmas spirit within you.