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Opening of SMART space

September 19, 2020

On September 19, 2020, our shadow theatre Verba, had the honor of participating in the opening of a library “SMART space” in Kozelshchyna, Poltava region. With great inspiration, our team developed a performance that delved into the rich history of the creation of this unusual landmark.

In 2019, the SMART Foundation, under the leadership of Mykola Sushka, took a far-sighted step – they leased the library for a 20-year term. Their unwavering belief in transformation led to an amazing renovation that transformed the library into a futuristic spaceship. This key event paved the way for the integration of numerous programs and projects for local youth, uniting them under the “SMART” principle. Together, these initiatives aim to transform Kozelshchyna into a place that contributes to a decent life for its residents.

The event marked not only the opening of the library but also became a celebration of its transformation into a symbol of progress and enlightenment. One of the key roles in depicting the journey of the library was played by our shadow group performance. The main element of our script was an allegory that depicted books as the very bricks from which the foundation of the library was built.

The chronological narrative of the performance goes back to 1718, showing the key events that led to the transformation of the monastery into a library. The storyline further explores the library’s tumultuous history, including the destruction caused by World War II in 1939 and subsequent rebuilding efforts. Ultimately, the speech culminated in an illustration of the SMART Foundation logo, which is a powerful symbol of future plans. And all this was depicted with the help of the play of light and shadow.

SMARt foundation, library, Shadow Theatre Verba, театр тіней, Chirch, церква

Our performance transported the audience through time, providing a deep understanding of the library’s evolution and its profound impact on the community. In general, the performance in Kozelshchyna was a really great experience for us as well. There is something powerful in this land.

The event not only demonstrated the history of the library but also highlighted the importance of books and knowledge for progress and a bright future.