Arte non stop festival BA 2018, Shadow theatre Verba, театр тіней верба, Best Director


August 31, 2017

Best Direction

In the bustling world of art and film festivals, it’s rare to find a performance that resonates deeply with both the audience and the critics. Yet, Verba Shadow Theatre’s “Save the Earth” did just that at the ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL BA 2018, clinching the coveted Mejor Dirección/Best Direction award. This achievement is a testament not only to the group’s artistic prowess but also to their commitment to delivering powerful messages through their craft.

The ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL, held in Buenos Aires, is a unique event that blends film, painting, and sculpture. It opens its doors to local and international filmmakers and artists, offering a platform for films and artworks themed around cinema​​. Verba Shadow Theatre’s participation and win in such a diverse and inclusive festival underscore their universal appeal and relevance.

Arte non stop festival BA 2018, Shadow theatre Verba, театр тіней верба, Best Director

“Save the Earth”: An Ode to Environmental Conservation

“Save the Earth” stands out as a remarkable piece in Verba’s repertoire. Inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic “Earth Song,” this shadow theatre performance is more than just entertainment—it’s a compelling call to action against climate change and environmental destruction. The video’s blend of striking visuals and urgent messaging resonated with audiences and judges alike, leading to its success at multiple film festivals before its triumph at ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL​​.

The accolades for “Save the Earth” extend beyond the ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL. The performance was also a semi-finalist in the Ecology category at the Viva Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, showcasing its far-reaching impact in raising environmental awareness​​.

The Unique Art of Shadow Theatre

Verba Shadow Theatre, recognized as the only theatre in the world to blend shadow and light effects with acting and professional acrobatics, has always been at the forefront of artistic innovation. Our performances, often inspired by famous films, TV series, and cartoons, have garnered international acclaim and love from both children and adults​​.

Verba Shadow Theatre has not only been a pioneer in the realm of shadow theatre but also an ambassador of Ukrainian culture and talent on the global stage. Our success across various international platforms, including the ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL, highlights the universal language of art and its power to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers​​.


With their win at the ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL BA 2018 and continued recognition worldwide, Verba Shadow Theatre is set to inspire future generations of artists and activists. Their work exemplifies how art can be a powerful medium for social commentary and change, encouraging viewers to engage with critical global issues like environmental conservation.

Verba Shadow Theatre’s journey and success with “Save the Earth” at the ARTE NON STOP FESTIVAL BA 2018 is a shining example of how art can both delight and enlighten. Their achievement is not just a win for the theatre group but a win for artistic expression and advocacy. As we continue to break new ground in shadow theatre, Verba stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us of the power of art to effect meaningful change in the world.