Verba Shadow Show, театр теней верба, театр тіней верба

More than 130 years of history… Anniversary of Sabis school

July 09,2016

Team of shadow Theatre “Verba” always supports projects that are associated with medicine, culture and education. No exception was the birthday of the world famous Lebanese schools «Sabis». Together with shadow team, the owners had the privilege to celebrate this auspicious day. And what is a birthday without a present – on this reason «Verba» prepared performance about history of the school and its success on the world stage. The school itself was founded in 1886 and today its affiliates exist on 4 continents, in 16-countries and brings together 70,000 students. The celebration of the 130th anniversary of the school was held in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, which was attended by leaders and students from all over the world. After the show, shadow theatre «Verba» the audience for a long time did not let the artists leave the stage. It is worth noting that a standing ovation guests charged team inspiration for the next creative masterpieces.