Сюйчжоу и Жичжао, Xuzhou and Rizhao, Shadow Theatre

Shadow Theatre in Xuzhou and Rizhao

December 25, 2016

During the festive season, on December 24th and 25th, Shadow Theatre embarked on a remarkable journey, bringing their captivating show “Shadow Hollywood” to Xuzhou City and Rizhao as part of their China New Year’s tour. These performances held a special significance as the artists left an indelible mark on these cities, enchanting audiences and becoming part of their cultural celebrations.

Enchanting Xuzhou City

In Xuzhou City, the shadow performance mesmerized the audience, transporting them into the magical world of “Shadow Hollywood.” Following the concert, the artists were honored to participate in a Christmas gala evening held at the prestigious Xuzhou Concert Hall. The fusion of shadow theater and the festive spirit created an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on both performers and spectators alike.

European Artists Shine in Rizhao

The concert in Rizhao holds a significant place in the Shadow Theatre’s journey, as they became one of the first European artists to perform in this vibrant Chinese city. The show captivated the hearts of the audience, bringing the artistry and allure of “Shadow Hollywood” to life. The performance created a sense of excitement and wonder, cementing the bond between the artists and the people of Rizhao.

A Celebration of Cultural Exchange

The China New Year’s tour brought together cultures from different corners of the world. The Shadow Theatre’s performances in Xuzhou and Rizhao highlighted the power of artistic expression as a universal language that transcends borders. The warm reception and appreciation from the audiences reaffirmed the significance of cultural exchange and the shared joy that art brings.

Looking Forward

As Shadow Theatre continues their China New Year’s tour, the memories of their performances in Xuzhou and Rizhao will remain cherished. The honor of participating in cultural celebrations and being among the first European artists to perform in Rizhao adds to the significance of their journey. The artists eagerly anticipate future opportunities to enchant audiences with the timeless magic of shadow theater, fostering connections and creating unforgettable experiences.


The Shadow Theatre’s performances in Xuzhou and Rizhao during the China New Year’s tour were a resounding success, captivating audiences with the artistry and charm of “Shadow Hollywood.” From the Christmas gala evening in Xuzhou to being among the first European artists to perform in Rizhao, the tour celebrated cultural exchange and the universal language of art. The artists carry the memories of these enchanting nights and eagerly look forward to sharing the magic of shadow theater with audiences around the world.