театр теней во Франции театр тіней у Франції shadow theatre in France

Shadow Theatre in France

July 07,2015

Shadow Theatre in France on the TV show France Digital Talent

Ukrainian shadow theatre in France in July 2015 won the online project France Digital Talent. This competition is designed to identify additional finalists at La Incroyable Talent. The show is similar to Britain’s Got Talent. Those who won the online version went to the finals automatically.

The competition has five stages. The first is just casting in front of the producers. You send the video and you are told to pass on or not. The second and third stage – the audience vote to enter the top 100 and top-20. These two steps theatre Verba overcame easily. Further, it is more difficult – as the shadow theatre is from Ukraine. Of course, the whole world can vote. But, there are countries with quite a large number of people. Hope was on the principle: “who will” cheer “for you more than their own.” And it kind of worked. Of course, by the same online voting the final five is determined. Shadow theatre in France were the only representatives of Ukraine. And thanks to the talent and diligent advertising work shadow theatre passed on. From the thousands of participants, the team entered to The Top 5. That was incredible.

Shadow theatre Verba the winner of France digital talent

A lot of effort has been made in order to achieve the first place. Shadow Theater launched a large-scale advertising campaign. As a result, Verba shadow theater was chosen as the best talent of 2015. Leaving far behind all the other finalists of France Digital Talent. The gap was enormous. Managers couldn’t believe that it was possible to gain so many balls without buying votes. Victory of the shadow group on France digital talent gave them a ticket to the final. That is, Shadow Theater Verba is the finalist of the TV show La Incroyable Talent. But due to the fact that the French population is too jealous of “not their own people” negavite comments had place to be. It was about how this Ukrainian team could win. Especially at France got talent. Therefore, the opportunity to show their talent shadow theatre in France has not received. But, nevertheless, the first place was still occupied by the Verba from Ukraine. The team did not give up already in 2016 and went to conquer Romania.