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Polar Express – One of the newest of Christmas skits for kids

January 03, 2018

There are many films that are associated with the New Year holidays. Among them are Home Alone, Grinch and others. We have a small dream that the children would watch not only cartoons, but also a shadow theater on the Christmas Eve! And even more, we want them to try to show the shadow theater.

Shadow Theatre Verba always congratulates the whole world with long-awaited holidays! After the previous performance – Hercules, we decided to create something more magical. Polar Express – the story of a boy who came to the North Pole and met Santa Claus! Every child will be very interested to watch this story. Moreover, it is all saturated with extraordinary shadow figures. We think that it’s great one from Christmas skits for kids.

If you want to get more instructions about how your kid could make shadow show – write on our contact form.

Let the fast Christmas train take you to the land of fabulous fantasies, miracles and magic. As it is happened to the hero of the Polar Express story.

Open your heart to the magic of Christmas and welcome to the world of shadows.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!