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Creative conference Show Your Show

June 11, 2019

Creative conference Show Your Show

In June, the creative conference Show your Show was held in Kyiv. And shadow theater Verba became its member. The venue was not chosen by chance – the Film.ua studio. This initiative aims to unite creators of the shows, technical companies, and production centers. First of all, the platform is opened to connect as many strong partnerships as possible. SYS organizers are constantly on the lookout for talented artists. That’s why Verba Shadow decided to become part of this event. Every year, show business leaders from all over the world come to the SYS conference. The exchange of experience and knowledge with Ukrainian colleagues does not pass without a trace. After all, on the basis of the platform, you can not only listen to the theory. But also every artist has an opportunity to present his product to a foreign guru. After that, many projects were created.

SYS 2019 program

This year, the famous Belgian stage director Franco Dragone became the headliner. Also, the main speakers were employees of Cirque du Soleil, Disneyland Paris, Europa Park, and others.

Program Show Your Show creative conference:

7.06 – the start of the conference, the speeches of foreign speakers.

08.06 – an exhibition of an interactive nature. Presentation of cases of artists and technological innovations.

9.06 – workshop. Cooperation between foreign and Ukrainian participants, and discussions on the creation of a common product.

10.06 – Feedback and consideration of cooperation opportunities

Conference participants

Participation in the creative conference SYS is free. But the number of places is limited, so it was necessary to register. So, two categories of participants were distinguished:

1) Firstly, creative companies and artists. It included those who had already created a team and ready-made performances. The opportunity was given to make a presentation to leaders of the global industry. Get feedback from potential buyers of the product. It was great, that without problems you could contact at workshop with Franco Dragone and gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

2) Secondly, technical companies. These included those who worked with technical equipment, and created the sceneries and props for shows of varying complexity. Was provided a unique opportunity to exchange experience with industry trendsetters and world-class specialists. There was also the opportunity to present their high-quality technical solutions for show-making.

Verba Shadow Show fell into the 1st category of participants. Of course, was presented their best work. Therefore, the Legends of Ice and Fire 3D were chosen. It was created in cooperation with Marin Art Studio. The performance caused a pleasant resonance among the conference participants.