verba shadow и pink
Vebra Shadow and Pink learn how to dance
October 02,2019

Vebra Shadow and Pink learn how to dance It was name for cooperation with the popular PINK magazine. Autumn is time for studing, so the Vebra Shadow and Pink created a number of workshops. What is the point? Once every two weeks we will release video tutorials. The deadline will be December 25. And just

judge cuts agt Театр тіней продовжує підкорювати Америку Shadow Theatre continues to conquer USA
Shadow Theatre continues to conquer USA
July 24,2019

After four “YES”, the Shadow Theatre continues to conquer USA. Today’s second episode of America’s Got Talent show featuring Verba Shadow in Chernigov Shadow Theater. The first performance was very successful. It was watched by more than 10 mln viewers around the world. The story that the shadow dance group showed was not only close

украинцы на америка имеет талант, verba shadow on america's got talent, українці на америка має талант
Shadow Dance Group at America’s Got Talent
June 26,2019

Audition of Shadow Dance Group at America’s Got Talent  Ukrainian shadow dance group VERBA SHADOW had an audition on the most large-scale TV show at America’s got talent. Actors were shot in Los Angeles, California. Now the ratings of the talent show averages about 12 million viewers. The shadow dance group  was the first at

театр теней на Show your show
Creative conference Show Your Show
June 11,2019

Creative conference Show Your Show In June, creative conference Show your Show was held in Kiev. And  shadow theater Verba became its member. The venue was not chosen by chance – the studio. This initiative aims to unite creators of the shows, technical companies, and production centers. First of all, platform opened to connect

aladdin shadow show Аладдин от театра теней Аладдін від театру тіней
Aladdin shadow show
May 23,2019

Aladdin shadow show VERBA SHADOW is the first Ukrainian shadow theatre, which took part in the most large-scale talent show. Also, they’re the creators of the fairy tale Aladdin shadow show. But now we are talking about AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, season 14. The broadcasts will start on May 28, 2019 on NBC channel. You can

театр теней на Söwda we hyzmat - 2019 shadow theatre in Turmenistan
Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan
April 15,2019

Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan On 13 April the Shadow Theatre in Turkmenistan debuted. VERBA shadow performed in Ashgabat (the capital of Turkmenistan). This happened at the International Exhibition Fair “Söwda we hyzmat – 2019” (“Trade and Services – 2019”). It was held at the Expo Center of the Chamber of Commerce on April 13-14. The

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