Театр теней в Испании, Shadow Theatre in Spain, Театр тіней в Іспанії

Ukrainian Shadow Theatre in Spain – Verba Shadow Show

June 17, 2017

For the first time in its history Verba performed with its shadow theatre in Spain! The Verba team took part in the filming of the new Spanish entertainment TV show No es un sabado cualquiera.

TV channel RTVE launches a new Saturday evening family show. The host will be the famous Spanish actor, director and screenwriter Fernando Gil. Program will have a lot of live music and interesting performances.

Shadow theatre group was specially invited to Madrid. In Spain Verba shot one of the shadow performances. It was the Titanic performance.

The show starts on the air at the end of May.

This is not the first TV show attended by the shadow theatre Verba. The team participated in the show Romania’s Got Talent. And of course, the unforgettable performance of children’s shadow theatre – Verba Kids.
Looking in future we can also mention performance of Shadow Theatre on Ukrainian TV show – Superintuition. And very soon after this, the Verba team was invited to show their shadow theatre in Czech Republic.