театр теней на фестивале, Театр тіней на фестивалі, shadow theatre on festival

Shadow theatre on festival “Bread own hands”

August 03, 2016

The next location for performance of shadow theatre on festival was Obyrok. One of the kindest festival where the shadow theatre Verba performed. Locations, organizers own home, motto: “sow good”, the main goal – freedom and knowledge of traditions, nature and yourself. Here are waiting for everyone, by the way, only in a sober way. When artists from shadow theater Verba were invited to make almost 1 hour show at the stadium under the sky and pine forest – there wasn’t any hesitation. The performances was selected so that both kids and adults found in the shadow something for themselves. Also so pleasant were warm words from organizer of the festival “Bread own hands” Leonid Kanter: “And now, all those who can not come this week to Obyrok let bite themselves elbows on the very shoulders: the best Ukrainian Shadow Theatre Verba reap with us bread with their hands !!!