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Shadow theatre in Jeddah

December 07, 2021

We are thrilled to share our recent experience performing at the Moderation Prize Ceremony held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. As performers of Shadow Theatre Verba, we had the privilege of presenting a captivating five-minute performance that touched the hearts of the audience and conveyed a powerful message of peace and unity.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, child

Ordinary Life

We began our performance by creating a mesmerizing Earth using silhouettes and animation. The camera moved across the continents, setting the scene for the narrative to unfold.

Through our artistry, we portrayed the ordinary lives of people, showcasing moments of relaxation and socializing in a cafe. The audience connected with the simplicity and beauty of these everyday moments.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, Bomb

The Harsh Reality

A sudden shift in the imagery and background sounds of explosions and bombs highlighted the stark contrast between peaceful existence and the devastating effects of conflict. We depicted a house with a happy family, only to witness its destruction in an instant. The cries of a child and the frantic search of a mother amplified the emotional impact.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, explosion

The Horrors of War

Using silhouettes, we crafted a tank on the map, representing the machinery of war. Explosions and fire on the animation background conveyed the chaos and destruction that ravage communities. A fighting scene portrayed the tragedy of conflict, leaving one man injured and symbolizing the futility of violence.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней

The Call for Help

A transition to a silhouette representation of an ambulance reflected the need for assistance and healing in times of crisis. This segment emphasized the importance of humanitarian efforts in conflict zones.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, ruins

A Ray of Hope

With a change in music and imagery, the war and killing ceased. The map transformed into the silhouette of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, symbolizing a land of unity and resilience. Within the kingdom’s borders, we revealed silhouettes of people with one hand raised, displaying the peace sign.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, Planet

Cultivating Tolerance

The imagery shifted to showcase a large hand holding a plant, while other hands around symbolized diversity and tolerance. This segment emphasized the significance of respecting and nurturing our shared planet, while celebrating the richness of human diversity.
A man emerged on the screen, accompanied by a group of people walking behind him. Their presence signified the importance of leadership and collective action in promoting peace and reconciliation.

No War, Verba Shadow Theatre, shadow show, театр тіней, No War, Saudi Arabia

A Symbol of Unity

As the man planted the small tree, it grew into a magnificent palm tree with two swords, the emblem of Saudi Arabia. This powerful image conveyed the message of strength and unity, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, peace can flourish.

Performing at the Moderation Prize Ceremony in Jeddah was an incredible honor for Human Shadow Theatre Verba. Our five-minute performance encapsulated the essence of our art form, using shadows and animation to tell a moving story of conflict, resilience, and peace. We hope that our performance touched the hearts and minds of the audience, inspiring them to work towards a more harmonious and compassionate world.