Shadow Theatre in Germany, Театр теней в Германии, Театр тіней в Німеччині

Shadow Theatre in Germany (Karlsruhe) – Jewrovision 2017

February 19,2017

Shadow Theatre in Germany

It was not the first performance of Verba shadow theatre in Germany, but it was the very first shadow performance for Jewish community in Germany! Organizers of the Jewrovision 2017 contest ask us to create for them a unique performance about Jewish culture.

Jewrovision is one of the largest festivals of Jewish song. It takes place among the young performers of all Germanic communities. This year, participants were taken in the city of Karlsruhe at the Schwarzaldhall. The slogan of the competition was “United cc of Judaism!”. This was the first experience to show Jewish culture.

It was very new, cool and memorable to perform on the stage of such an event and show our performance to the European audience! And once again you are convinced that art has no limits.

Shortly after this performance, the Verba team was offered to show their shadow theater in Israel!