Verba Shadow Show, театр теней верба, театр тіней верба

First time in Israel

February 24,2017

Performances of Shadow Group “Verba” was first introduced in Israel.

In late February, the group was lucky enough to visit the “Promised Land” with 30-minute show.

On event was the most demanding and at the same time open to a whole new audience – children.

“Verba shadow” did not expect such emotional reception.

Dancers were performed serious plays such as “The History of the Jewish People,” “Save the Earth”, “Titanic” and the children’s fairy tales: “Alice in Wonderland”, “Aladdin.”

Interestedly, kids reacted unexpectedly on acting, but shadow figure sometimes even less interested them.

Shadow Theatre “Verba” got a lot of pleasure from visiting Israel and they definitely left a piece of their “shadow” heart there.