Театр теней в Катаре, Театр тіней в Катарі, shadow theatre in Qatar
Verba shadow theatre in Qatar – Eid al-Adha Festival
September 01,2017

Verba shadow theatre in Qatar on Eid al-Adha Festival From September 1 to September 4, 2017, was performance of Shadow Theatre in Qatar. It was the Eid al-Adha festival for guests of the Katara Cultural village in Doha. These days, the entire Arab world celebrates the Eid al-Adha holiday. Traditionally, in the days of this

Театр теней в Абу-Даби, Театр тіней в Абу-Дабі, shadow theatre in Abu Dhabi
Shadow Theatre in Abu Dhabi – Talents Around the World in Al Ain
August 13,2017

Shadow Theatre in Abu Dhabi After the performance of the shadow theatre in Sharjah and the special shadow show in Ras al-Khaimah, it is time to show the shadow theatre in Abu Dhabi. From August 13 to 18, Verba Shadow Theater was part of guest artists from the Devora company at the Talents around the

Театр теней в Испании, Shadow Theatre in Spain, Театр тіней в Іспанії
Ukrainian Shadow Theatre in Spain – Verba Shadow Show
June 17,2017

Shadow Theatre in Spain For the first time in its history Verba performed with its shadow theatre in Spain! The Verba team took part in the filming of the new Spanish entertainment TV show No es un sabado cualquiera. TV channel RTVE launches a new Saturday evening family show. The host will be the famous

Театр теней в Саудовской Аравии, Театр тіней в Саудівській Аравії, Shadow Theatre in Saudi Arabia
Shadow Theatre in Saudi Arabia – Abdulaziz Camel Festival
March 30,2017

Shadow Theatre in Saudi Arabia From March 30 to April 8 as part of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival 2017, the shadow theatre in Saudi Arabia became part of the grandiose performances. Especially for the festival, the shadow theater group created an exclusive shadow show, revealing Arab traditions and flavor. And of course, it was

театр теней в Израиле, театр тіней в Ізраїлі, Shadow Theatre in Israel
Shadow theatre in Israel – Kid’s show from Shadow Theatre Verba
February 24,2017

Shadow Theatre in Israel In late February, we were lucky enough to present the Verba shadow theatre in Israel. It became possible after performance of shadow theatre in Germany on Jewrovision 2017 contest. The team performed at a private event with a 30-minute show. An audience was the most demanding and at the same time

Shadow Theatre in Germany, Театр теней в Германии, Театр тіней в Німеччині
Shadow Theatre in Germany (Karlsruhe) – Jewrovision 2017
February 19,2017

Shadow Theatre in Germany It was not the first performance of Verba shadow theatre in Germany, but it was the very first shadow performance for Jewish community in Germany! Organizers of the Jewrovision 2017 contest ask us to create for them a unique performance about Jewish culture. Jewrovision is one of the largest festivals of Jewish

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