Independence, Shadow Theatre Verba, театр тіней Verba


August 24, 2023

Hello, my name is Mila and I am part of the incredible team of the Verba Shadow Theatre. Today I would like to share with you a special story that I am sure will touch each of you.

This year, as we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, we had a unique opportunity to work with Chernihiv Suspilne Media on a special show dedicated to this remarkable holiday. The words that inspired us were: “Independence is…”. This short phrase opened a world of deep reflections and creative experiments.

In this project, we decided to reflect on Independence through the prism of our unique art form – Shadow Theatre. Other project participants created extraordinary works: a blacksmith made a metal trident, symbolizing strength and endurance, and a glass artist created a stained glass emblem of Ukraine, emphasizing the fragility and importance of the moment.

Our contribution as Verba Shadow Theatre was to create another meaning of the emblem. We chose the theme “Independence is WE”. Our idea was that every Ukrainian is an integral part of this great idea of independence. It was not only an image of the trident, but also a reflection of the soul of each of us, each Ukrainian, who forms and supports our independence.

The process of creation was not easy. It required not only creative efforts, but also a deep immersion into history, culture and, most importantly, the present, where a new page of our Independence is being written every day. We worked side by side with the channel’s cameramen and post-production team to ensure that our video conveyed our idea as accurately as possible.

In conclusion, Independence has never been just a word or a concept to us. It has been a part of our lives, our struggles, our dreams. And every day we realize the price we pay for freedom. Our art, our creativity is our way of fighting, our contribution to this great idea.
Thank you for being with us. Glory to Ukraine!