театр теней в Израиле, театр тіней в Ізраїлі, Shadow Theatre in Israel
Shadow theatre in Israel – Kid’s show from Shadow Theatre Verba
February 24,2017

Shadow Theatre in Israel In late February, we were lucky enough to present the Verba shadow theatre in Israel. It became possible after performance of shadow theatre in Germany on Jewrovision 2017 contest. The team performed at a private event with a 30-minute show. An audience was the most demanding and at the same time

Shadow Theatre in Germany, Театр теней в Германии, Театр тіней в Німеччині
Shadow Theatre in Germany (Karlsruhe) – Jewrovision 2017
February 19,2017

Shadow Theatre in Germany It was not the first performance of Verba shadow theatre in Germany, but it was the very first shadow performance for Jewish community in Germany! Organizers of the Jewrovision 2017 contest ask us to create for them a unique performance about Jewish culture. Jewrovision is one of the largest festivals of Jewish

театр теней в ОАЭ, Театр тіней в ОАЕ, Shadow theatre in UAE
Performance of Shadow theatre in UAE (Ras Al-Khaimah)
February 09,2017

Shadow Theatre in UAE Shadow Theatre in UAE is not the first time. Most recently, the Shadow Theatre group was performing in Sharjah at an event called the Sharjah Narrator Forum. But on February 9, another special event took place in Ras al-Khaimah. It was also attended by a team from Ukraine – Verba shadow

театр теней - геркулес, Театр тіней - Геркулес, Shadow Theatre - Hercules
Shadow Theatre – Hercules | New performance (VIDEO)
November 15,2016

Shadow Theatre – Hercules Inspired by the success of the Titanic performance, which has already gained more than 6 million views, most recently, in the framework of the last shadow show, we published a new performance which was created by our shadow theatre – Hercules. We have already presented it at the International Book Festival

Театр теней в Шардже, Театр тіней в Шарджі, Shadow Theatre in Sharjah
Shadow Theatre in Sharjah – Sharjah Narrator Forum
September 28,2016

Shadow Theatre in Sharjah It was the very first performance of shadow theatre in Sharjah. In late September, shadow theatre Verba had the honor to perform at the event, held under the patronage of the government and in the presence of H.H Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah and Supreme Council Member.

театр теней на фестивале, Театр тіней на фестивалі, shadow theatre on festival
Shadow theatre on festival “Bread own hands”
August 03,2016

Shadow theatre on festival “Bread own hands” The next location for performance of shadow theatre on festival was Obyrok. One of the kindest festival where the shadow theatre Verba performed. Locations, organizers own home, motto: “sow good”, the main goal – freedom and knowledge of traditions, nature and yourself. Here are waiting for everyone, by

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