Театр Теней в Тернополе, Театр тіней в Тернополі, shadow theatre in Ukraine
Shadow Theatre in Ukraine – Kingdom of Shadows in Ternopil
December 23,2017

Shadow Theatre in Ukraine Shadow theatre in Ukraine loves to give creative gifts! Especially in the New Year eve, when everyone is waiting for a holiday. This year was no exception. Group really wanted to please the audience with something new. Traditionally premiere took place in this beautiful city – Ternopil. Namely, on December 23,

Театр теней для детей, театр тіней для дітей, shadow theatre for kids
Shadow Theatre for Kids
April 08,2017

Shadow Theatre for Kids Before the story of how the first shadow theatre for kids was created, we must go back to the past. Namely, at the time of the creation of the first shadow theatre in Ukraine. The boom of the shadow theatre genre in our country began in 2010. It was because a