New Collaboration of Shadow Theatre Verba

In the genre of shadow theater, Verba team has been working for 8 years and it was decided not to stop, so after a while, such genres as LED-POI, pair acrobatics and the use of 3D technologies began to develop.

  • Shadwo Theatre Verba

    April 13, 2018 was premiere of another genre of the team "Verba" - dance-interaction with 3D animation. It was directed by the director of the shadow theater "Verba" Vladislav Polishchuk, who previously worked on hundreds of shots for shadow production.

  • Karass Movies

    All the 3D content was created by the studio of video processing and post-production "Karass movies". They have huge experience in working with famous world brands like Samsung pay, Snapchat, Ukrainian company “Vivat”. As it was planed that the dancer should be a professional in the style of hip-hop improvisation, because the animation effects were in TECHNO style.

  • LikeOne

    That’s why the project was created in cooperation with the leader of the dance studio "Like one" Rostislav Korniiets. He is the "Best 8 hip hop dancers" at the Atlas Weekend/hiphap series 2017, also the winner: HIP HOP INTERNATIONAL UKRAINE 2017 (Qualifier for the HHI World Cup in USA) and "Fighting Master" Freestyle 1 * 1/2016 (Qingdao / Shandong ) and HIP-HOP 1x1 Scream of Soul championship (Greece) 2014. In a medium saucepan, mix figs and sugar together and cook on low heat, uncovered, about 30 minutes.

  • No worries

    All 3D content was broadcast on the LED-screen. The production itself was designed for a foreign company and it’s ideology. The main idea of the dance with animation were the slogan: "No worries”. This project was being prepared at the international level and the performance were shown in Dubai at the hotel on Al Garhoud area.

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